Traditionally, Azerbaijani weddings take place over a period of 40 times. The wedding wedding service is mostly followed by a “uzechikhdi” wedding service, which is an end of deficiency ceremony. It is a ceremony that delivers the star of the event into the new family. In wealthy loved ones, the wedding marriage ceremony may previous for three or four times. In poorer families, it is just a one-day affair. online dating safety tips

In ancient times, Azerbaijani weddings often took place in two different locations. One of the get-togethers took place inside the bride’s house and the other was held in the groom’s residence. The marriage ceremony would generally start with a bath-house wedding ceremony, followed by a food.

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The ceremony may be religious or perhaps secular. It may also be held during a independent day. The bride’s is responsible for buying home items in the couple’s fresh home. Additionally it is the family unit that decides on the date within the wedding.

The Azerbaijani wedding ceremony usually includes bouncing. The formal procedure may also are the ritual of henna smearing. The groom’s family members will purchase the bride’s charms. They will also get her outfits. The dowry comprises household things such as household furniture and garments. The groom’s family will usually visit the bride’s property to verify that she is betrothed.

The wedding ceremony ceremony is normally followed by a reception that includes green salads and meats. Additionally, it includes traditional Azerbaijani dishes. Some of the guests have turns to sit up coming to the newly the wife and hubby for photographs.